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Tut Designs, LLC is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality drafting services to keep our client's projects on time and under budget. 

Stop!  Don't post that job opening!


The construction industry is fickle. Whether you already have an in-house drafting team, or are realizing you might need one... STOP. While your company may be busy enough for a drafter at the moment, what will a year from now bring? Or two years? What if you hit a slow period and are still paying the salary of a drafter to sit idle?

The founders of Tut Designs realized this, and have come up with a solution. When you hire out your drafting work to an outside firm, you are only employing someone when you have work. 

Tut Designs makes all our construction drawings we produce look like they come right from your company. All client information is kept confidential... nobody will know the drawings didn't come from your firm. If you have a standard look to your drawings - we will match it. If you don't, we use our considerable experience to give your project the perfect look that combine ease of use and functionality.